S Burn 

Scott Burn, president of Greatario Covers, has been instrumental in the research and development of the Hexa-Cover® product for both Water / Wastewater and Oil / Gas. Understanding the significant environmental benefits and efficiencies of the Hexa-Covers® within the wastewater industry, he has focused the company’s R & D on the re-design and manufacture of a similar product for the oil and gas industry.

Manufactured in Canada under license from Hexa-Cover Denmark, The Hexa-Cover® Oil and Gas Duty product has proven to be an effective and efficient option for hot heavy oil duty applications such as CHOPS, Diluted Bitumen SAGD.

 T Frank
Vice-President Sales

Over 30 years of Industrial Sales and Process Optimization experience. Working for Parent company Greatario Engineered Storage Systems for 4 years as VP of Sales and also responsible for new product development. Developed the Oil & Gas version of the Hexa-Cover® in cooperation and under license with Hexa-Cover® Denmark. Solely responsible for the patented product development, pilot testing, set up of manufacturing and for the successful sale of many CHOPS floating segmented roof sites in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

 P Pressey
Chief Financial Officer

Peter Pressey is a Chartered Accountant with extensive experience with corporate finance. Peter is responsible for the financial affairs for the overall corporation. His responsibilities include corporate finance, financial reporting, budgeting, planning, legal bonding, and audits. Peter has been with Parent company Greatario Engineered Storage Systems since 1993.





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