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Greatario Covers expands Hexa-Cover® product line.

Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover System – Designed specifically to cover wastewater tanks and lagoons, the Hexa-Cover® floating cover system has become well recognized as an effective and efficient floating cover. Originally designed and manufactured in Denmark, the unique cover is used on all kinds of liquids to eliminate evaporation, organic growth, emission and odour. Since its launch in 2004, Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover has been chosen for a vast number of installations globally, making the Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover a market leading solution.

In 2010, Greatario Engineered Storage Systems signed a distribution agreement with Hexa-Cover®, Denmark to be the sole distributor for the Canadian market. As a distributor for Hexa-Cover® we have had great success and have many installations across Canada.

Hexa-Covers® are now available in two sizes to accommodate the required application. When launched back in 2004 the Hexa-Cover® Floating Tile technically were named the “R114”, as per the diagonal measure. A smaller version, the “R90” has been launched and this version has been developed for usage on smaller surfaces, typically up to 100 m2.

Understanding the effectiveness of the Hexa-Cover® tiles as a liquid floating cover, Greatario has contributed significant research and development into the feasibility of the tiles being used for the Oil & Gas industry. Oil and Gas applications include: Boiler Feedwater SAGD, Sour Sand Slurry tanks, Process Water Ponds, Purified Tailings Ponds, Frac Water Tanks and API separator.

The new tile Hexa-Cover® Oil & Gas Duty maintains the hexagonal shape with the symmetric ribs to ensure the tiles will interlock naturally and uniformly on the surface of the heavy oil. Test results have been extremely positive with the following results:

      • Reduced emission such as BTEX and VOCs

      • Reduced heat loss

      • Reduced odours

      • Reduced tank corrosion

      • Reduced defoaming chemicals

As a result of these positive results, Greatario Covers Inc. has been selected for many CHOPS sites throughout western Canada. As this is a new market, Greatario Covers has invested in new equipment to ensure our construction team is equipped to safely and efficiently install the Hexa-Covers® in various tanks.
We invite you to view the information on our website and welcome any requests for any additional information your may require to see how the Hexa-Cover® product may apply to your project.


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