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The unique and patented Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover is perfect on almost any form of fluid surface. Today Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover is used on almost all forms of basins, lagoons, reservoirs, containers, ponds and tank.

Since its launch in 2004, Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover has been chosen for a vast number of installations globally, making the Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover the market leading solution.

Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover is the ideal solution for eliminating such things as:

      • Emission
      • Evaporation
      • Organic growth
      • Odour
      • UV effect
      • Heat loss
      • Further, Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover deters unwanted waterfowls from landing on covered waters

The Hexa-Cover® floating tile has been developed with a view to satisfying all requirements as to a floating covering for liquid containers.

The Hexa-Cover® floating tiles ensure:

      • Up to 95% reduction of evaporation from water surface
      • Up to 95% stable and constant reduction of emission of such things  as ammonia
      • Up to 90% stable and constant reduction of odours
      • Noticeable reduction in organic growth such as algae
      • Storm resistance, withstands wind velocities up to 32 m/s
      • Ease of installation
      • Automatic distribution of floating tiles on liquid surface
      • Free access to liquid for e.g. measuring, emptying or stirring
      • Life expectancy of 25 years
      • Favourable price
      • Manufactured of recycled polymer, without use of Freon or other harmful materials

Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover - Features and benefits:

      • Storm resistance (R114 withstands wind up to at least 32 m/s)
      • Ease of installation with no need for any special equipment
      • Installation in both full and empty tank
      • Automatic distribution on liquid surfaces
      • Automatic adaption to changes in the level
      • Fits to all shapes and geometries
      • Easy adaption to bigger/smaller surfaces by adding/removing tiles
      • Unlimited access to the liquid
      • Life expectancy of 25 years
      • Favorable price
      • No running cost
      • No repair cost
      • No maintenance cost
      • No insurance cost > is unaffected by rain, snow and frost
      • Allows use of aeration to ensure aerobic conditions are maintained
      • Is "invisible" as it does not disfigure the landscape
      • Needs no supervision

Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover:

      • Is the solid, robust and long lasting solution
      • Has no weak spots, no blow- / injection holes
      • Has no hollow areas (that eventually will break)
      • Withstands rain, snow and frost
      • Has no openings (that eventuelly will clog due to sand, debris, algae etc.)
      • Is approved and preferred by authorities, public companies, municipalities etc. world wide

Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover is the environmental friendly solution, manufactured from recycled PP with no use of i.e. Freon or any other harmful materials


Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover R90

      • Diagonal measure: 180 mm
      • Height: 50 mm
      • Weight: 120 g
      • Units per m2: 43
      • Big Bag (130 cm x 130 cm x 250 cm): 55 m2 / Approx 285 kg 

Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover R114

      • Diagonal measure: 228 mm
      • Height 70 mm
      • Weight 243 g
      • Units per m2: 28
      • Big Bag (130 cm x 130 cm x 250 cm): 42 m2 / Approx 285 kg



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