SNC Lavalin / PTAC Report Odorous Emissions - Heavy Oil Management Technology & Best Practices - Hexa-Cover

Excerpts from this report on Hexa-Cover Technology have been highlighted below regarding Oil Field Odors and Emissions..."One such strategy is the installation of floating covers on top of the oil, below containers' roof. These covers are interconnected on the surface of heavy oil and reduce evaporation of the heavy oil in the heated containers. These covers are well established technology, used in water and waste water treatment plants. They are very simple to install (no energy required, no infrastructure requirements), immediate installation, and access to oil is not inhibited. There still may be very volatile emissions passing through these covers, however most of the odorants will be captured in this way. Floating covers are cost-efficient, approximately 5% of the cost of installing a VRU." "Odor Emission Reduction Technologies Installing floating covers should be first considered as suitable technology for tanks and vessels. Floating covers is an efficient, cost-effective method to reduce emissions from tanks immediately without disrupting the process. They are installed by pouring onto the liquid's surface through thief hatches, where then they would realign to form a cover, creating a secondary roof" 


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Dupont Press Release

        DuPont™ Zytel® LCPA Tops Oil & Gas Tanks  -  Use in Floating Cover Helps Trap Harmful Emissions

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Hexa-Cover technology reduces operating costs



NEW TECH Magazine Article - Tools and Techniques Feature Article - May 2014

Odour Eliminator - Oil-tank-cover technology offers quick solution to foul-smelling emissions problem



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Scientific breakthrough turns tailings water into life-sustaining fish habitats.



Peace River Proceedings

Odours and Emissions from Heavy Oil Operations in the Peace River Area.
Oral Proceeding by Mr. Terry Frank V.P Sales and Marketing Greatario Covers Inc.
PowerPoint Presentation Video - 6 mins in length.

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